Jonnie LoFranco

An Orange County native, Jonnie was raised with a love of sunshine, the ocean and fresh, natural food. Her father, the family gourmand and visionary, dreamed of bringing old world style artisan bread to Southern California, and he did just that, forming a bakery in 1995. When he passed away, Jonnie jumped back into the business after a 12-year career in advertising to continue his dream. In 2010, BREAD artisan bakery was born.

Yannick Guegan

Bread Chef1.jpg

What began as an after-school apprenticeship in 1984 turned out to be Yannick’s true calling.  It was in a small bakery in Milizac, France that Yannick discovered his passion for baking. He spent the following years dedicated to learning every aspect of the business, from the kitchen to wholesale to retail, and to mastering his craft in an ever-changing industry. In 1994, he was lured out of France to bring his skill, sensibilities and his irresistible French charm to Southern California. Today his enthusiasm for the art of bread making is as alive and insatiable as it was 30 years ago.

Jonnie and Yannick

Like any recipe, a partnership requires the perfect combination and harmony of ingredients. When Jonnie and Yannick met in 2011, they immediately recognized their shared passion and vision for creating a unique and superior product – in other words, delicious, hand-made artisan bread. Each with their own special insights and talents, they roll up their sleeves and lovingly knead and craft BREAD artisan bakery into place that brings joy, inspiration and fresh bread to the community every day.