Our signature and our pride, this centuries-old tradition uses a flour and water culture, to

organically leaven the bread and a long fermentation to develop the flavor and texture. As

each levain recipe is unique, it reflects the soul, style and patience of the baker. It’s certainly

not the fastest or easiest method, and whether you call us obsessive artisans or gluttons for

punishment, we believe the result is worth the wait, creating bread with a thick, chewy crust and

a moist, dense crumb.


Another exercise in patience, our preferment is a stiff dough that requires a fermentation

process of 3 hours to overnight in order to coax a lactic flavor with a crisp crust and moist, open



Although the most common method, these breads are anything but ordinary. The process

begins with a stiff dough, left to rest and rise at room temperature for 3 to 4 hours. At this point,

it’s ready to be crafted into our softer bread products.

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